The Cowclops
   The Cowclops is a purple and white one eyed cow that says "Fishstick" rather than moo. Please note that the phrase is the singular "fishstick" and not "fishsticks." It was co-invented several years ago between myself, my brother, and his friend. The original drawing (which REALLY sucked) was done by my brother. I decided a name, and my brother's friend drew a slightly better looking. I have taken it and turned it into what you see today.

   As you can see from the next picture, (which was crudely drawn a fair amount of time ago) many odd things have happened to the Cowclops. Depicted in the drawing below, is the time a Cowclops was abducted by aliens. This occurred at the same time as the alien attacks on the fourth of July a couple years ago.

   Also, the Cowclops hasn't always looked the greatest. Following are some quite old drawings.

   The original drawing was drawn on Mario Paint on Super Nintendo, thus it can never be recovered. Instead, here is a representation as what the original Cowclops looked like, as far as I can remember.

   Well, thats all there is to know about the Cowclops, so go away from this site, one of the few truly original sites, and go to your porno sites, and video game sites, and online shopping sites. See ya!

New for '02! The images speak for themselves:

Classic .gif animations: